In the Fall of 2001 an event took place in the United States that very few will soon forget, and not since the Iranian Hostage Crisis some twenty years earlier has the world of Islam been so much in the news.

The age of British Imperialism and its array of colourful and intrepid characters, which one might disparage as much as admire, has been superseded by the age of American ascendancy and world power. The petro-chemical companies which were in their infancy at the beginning of the twentieth century have come of age, and their marriage to the financial institutions that manage and control the world’s wealth has produced a progeny with no national loyalty or fealty other than to their own bottom line. A bottom line, one might add, counted in US dollars – as all oil is traded through the US dollar, an imposed Bilateral Payment Agreement (BPA) and held in place by force.

There is a struggle between the euro and US dollar, as Germany and France manoeuvre for a larger share of the spoils from the rich Iraqi oil fields and at the same time hope to hedge their currency on the world market. This would mean breaking in on the oil market with the euro as currency within Bilateral or Multilateral Payment Agreements, instead of the ‘exclusive’ dollar.

No country can afford to alienate the US consumer market, as other economies are presently dependent on it. Special trade concessions have been extended to countries in Europe (Italy and Spain) and Asia that signed on in the US led War in Iraq. When a coalition of America’s traditional allies could not be materialised the US resorted to threats against countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, threatening to cut aid and, most cynically, co-operation between those countries and the IMF and World Bank. Don’t think that the US Government can unleash the dogs of the World Bank, they cannot. It is the other way around.

The United States is the largest outlet for consumer goods in the world and many are ready to kill in order to protect it. For Americans it is protecting what is their inalienable right. Some countries supplying goods to the US market are equally willing to endorse unilateralist adventures in exchange for ‘privileged trade status,’ or to avoid loosing aid or the threat of having their outstanding loans called in.

The current acceptable political spectrum in the US is one that places radio shock jocks on one side and CNN, NBC and CBS on the other. There is simply a mater of taste involved, or lack of it. The idea that there could be people who are not prepared to go to war to protect their privilege of paying taxes, watching endless re-enactments of “true life crimes” on television and shopping at Wal-Mart is something that the present US administration is not prepared to entertain. “Racial profiling” has replaced the old racial stereotyping, as civil liberties vanish behind the smoke screen of “Homeland Security.” There is an other level of journalism that can be found in Europe, for example Le Monde Diplomatique from France or on occasion and by specific journalists, The Guardian of the UK. There has always been a wider spectrum of both ideas and positions within Europe than in the US, necessitating periodic liberation forces to save the former by the latter. The US is accusing France, Russia and Syria of supplying various materials, from medicines to munitions, to Iraq. This violates UN Sanctions Against Iraq, having been held in place for twelve years by US insistence. During an eight-year war between Iraq and Iran the US and Britain armed Saddam against the dangerous and fanatical Shia of Iran and those living within Iraq. They were a threat to the oil rich Gulf, where American Interests were at risk. Donald Rumsfeld embraced the Iraqi President with open arms. Mrs. Thatcher’s son Mark made his fortune as an arms dealer, and nearly all weapons of mass destruction used in the first Gulf War were made in the USA … or Britain.

With considerable dissent in Europe, Africa and Asia against the US War, groups of Muslims have been found participating in demonstrations of civil disobedience. It should be clear that in no way is the activity of protest able to be associated with Islam, as it has no historical role in either its teaching or accepted practice. It is, nevertheless, evidentiary proof of the collapse of anything resembling the highly vaunted ideals of Democratic Process, as these activities not only do not impinge on economic imperatives (code named National Security) but that dissent is characterised (at least in the US) as un-patriotic and even treasonable. A brave if not politically naïve Democratic Presidential hopeful from New England has called for a “regime change in the US,” the same catch phrase used by the Bush Administration for bringing down Saddam, prompting an immediate backlash from the White House Press Secretary and an apology from the Senator.

Upon a closer examination it is the monopoly imposed by the US dollar that has given such unlimited (purchasing) power to the United States and allowed it to act with impunity throughout the world. This proliferation of US dollars throughout the world is based on their being ‘checks written for cash’ that will never have to return to the bank on which they are drawn for payment!

The relentless quest for control of the world’s oil supply drives the machine of global conquest with the same ruthlessness and cunning, while lacking something of its sophistication and style, that was the hallmark of the great imperial aspirations of the late Nineteenth Century. The inciting of a crude and uncultured band of brigands and traitors to rise up against the rule of the Ottoman Caliphate has become the lore of legends, as T.E. Lawrence rose to fame and infamy as a provocateur of British Imperialism. This adventure culminated in the family of Saud being placed on a throne by the British, and the Wahhabi doctrine – a harsh and heartless monotheism; puritanical, misogynistic and devoid of love of the Prophet Muhammad and his noble Sunna (practice), being installed by brutal repression over all the remaining tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. These are the people who went to bed with the American Oil Titans, whose first born was ARAMCO, followed by a brood of other joint ventures.

In the nineteen eighties the CIA would arm and train the Afghan Mujahideen to fight against the Russians, their opponents of a forty year Cold War who were now to suffer a Vietnam of their own. From 1995 onward both the CIA and US State Department were actively endorsing the Taliban as the group that could maintain ‘zone control’ within the region, a vital prerequisite for a pipeline that is crucial to American interests, without which they would be obliged to use either Russian or Chinese facilities. The War Against Terror launched against Afghanistan has settled the pipeline issue – assuming that the US will succeed at what the Russians in the late twentieth century and England in the late nineteenth failed to be able to do.

Both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan formally acknowledged the Taliban Government of Afghanistan. With one country an annex of the petrol chemical companies and (in part) under receivership due to the enormous cost of underwriting the Gulf War and the running (12 years) tab for their being an occupied territory by Saviours who won’t go home – and the other addicted, not unlike its millions of heroin addicts, to US aid and needing to act in strict compliance with their benefactor’s policies – it is inconceivable that either country could have made such a declaration without explicit instructions. Through their two vassals the US was letting the Taliban know how to play ball, and if they did that everyone would make a lot of money. Meanwhile Wahhabi fundamentalists from Saudi Arabia had inculcated themselves into the Taliban leadership, and were joined by outcasts from various Modernist States, many of whom had been active in the previous Afghan War with the Russians, and who had been the recipients of specialized training and military hardware from the CIA. The Saudi dissident Osama Bin Laden, renowned for his having no Islamic education, was a major beneficiary of the American plan, who then emerges as ‘public enemy number one.’ Meanwhile, we are told that the Bin Laden family is ‘highly reputable,’ owns a major construction company and has diversified business interest that include investments with another highly reputable family, this one from Texas.

The advent of Islamic Modernism arose as a virulent virus out of the intercourse between Afghani and Abduh and leading French and English freemasons of the late eighteen hundreds. We are reintroduced to it as it rears its obdurate anti-Islamic head today in Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan (to name only a few), all of which beg for international acceptance and foreign aid with one hand while they bite the other in bitter rage against the hand that feeds them but will never accept them. The twenty-first century has delivered the mutant offspring of archaic Wahhabism and a failed and outdated Islamic Modernism. They are known to the world as Terrorists.

While the paternity of the modern terrorist may remain a subject of controversy, with all parties concerned inveighing against each other, their actions or reactions make themselves known around the world. What appears most clearly is that they have no direct relationship to the legacy of historical Islam, which appears (for the moment) to have disappeared from the face of the earth. While there are numerically more Muslims today than ever before, there is no extant Islam on the face of the planet. Its restoration is contingent on the return of the Islamic Gold Dinar as currency, the return of Khalifate with Sultaniyya as its proud leadership and the restoring of Zakat – the fallen Pillar of Islam. Political Islam, in all its aberrant forms, has failed, and with it the tired paradigm of tradition vs. modernity, itself a false dialectic that has only yielded defeat and humiliation for those unfortunate ‘educated’ Muslims who bought into it, and most tragically, the deaths for the thousands of poor souls who died defending it. It is time for the Sufis to begin by rebuilding from the core of men new hearts. What will, insha’Allah, emerge are men and women who obey Allah and His Messenger and in doing so will build a new post capitalist society. That society will be set on the firm foundation of tijara (trade) without riba (usury) and ibada (worship) without shirk (association).

The destruction taking place today in Iraq is the playing out of the final stages of a squalid game (hardly a Great one), and while the terrible toll of human suffering can not be ignored, it must be seen beyond. The Arab Muslims in particular must recognise that what is happening is by Allah.

Abdullah Luongo


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