Fadha’il Jamal: Comment

The pseudo-salafis of the age have made it a part of their da’wah to hurl insults at those who narrate weak ahadith in virtues, especially when it comes to Fadha’il Amaal. Their common objections regarding this amazing book are usually on three issues: 

1. Fabricated hadith
2. Weak hadith
3. Strange stories  

Know that he who blames others–in the name of bid`a–for carrying out an `amal, saying that it is based on a weak Hadith or that the `amal is not based on an authentic Hadith, shows a sign that he may not be a trained faqih (whether he is called a Mufti/Shaykh/Mawlana or not); and that he probably has knowledge only of the literal Arabic but not a deep understanding of what is beyond the text, which is what the jurist is expected to know.

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